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Welcome to Sea Times. We do things a little different here in the Caribbean, slow and easy.  This site was made to help inform people planning vacations to the Caribbean and offers destination information. Since we take our time and try to do it right, we have not included all islands yet, but more will be added later. Please find information about the Caribbean region in general. 

Some try to be everything to everyone, we only try to inform the people that find small, unique out of the way places appealing to them.  Once you discover the Caribbean the chances are good that you will return time and time again.  The Caribbean is like a dream come true for many of us the first time we see any of the islands.  Visitors to the Caribbean will find many things and that includes, beautiful islands, white and black sandy beaches, friendly people and plenty of sunshine.

Caribbean Sea is the connection with the Atlantic Ocean and is partially enclosed on the north and east by the islands of the West Indies, and bounded on the south by South America and Panama, and on the west by Central America.  The Caribbean is both large and small, deep and shallow and beautiful throughout. The Caribbean holds some of the deepest water in the world around the Cayman Islands. 

The US used to train submariners in this area. The Caribbean is one of natures playgrounds for both young and old travelers.  The vision of its sands and water makes it a popular land and cruise destination for millions each year.  The Caribbean is a NOT a destination to be missed. 

The name of the Caribbean sea came from the Carib natives, who inhabited the area when Spanish explorers arrived there in the 15th century. The Caribbean is 1,500 miles long east and west and 400 to 1,400 miles wide. It has an area of 1,049,000 square miles.  Some islands are flat and some have tropical rain forests.  The variety of landscape in the Caribbean is tremendous. 

So much has been written and said about this lovely region of the world that one of the best ways to see this wonderland is by cruise ship, and the smaller the better.  When you experience the trade winds and the soft pounding surf, you will understand why it is so important to treat this region as a treasurer. 

Caribbean sea is connected with the Gulf of Mexico by the Yucatán Channel, a passage 120 miles wide between Cuba and the Yucatán Peninsula. The Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti is a major shipping route between the United States and the Panama Canal.  The Caribbean is central to major shipping and cruising lanes throughout North America.

Many gulfs and bays indent the coastline of South America, notably the Gulf of Venezuela, which carries tidal waters to Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. With a few exceptions the entire Caribbean Basin is more than 6,000 feet deep. Large areas of the sea exceed 12,000 feet in depth; the greatest depth measured thus far is Cayman Trench at 25,220 feet deep, between Jamaica and Cayman Islands.

Navigation is open and clear, making the Caribbean a major trade route for Latin American countries. The main oceanic current in the Caribbean Sea is an extension of the North Equatorial and South Equatorial currents, which enter the sea at the southeastern extremity and flow in a generally northwestern direction. A popular resort area, the Caribbean Sea is noted for its mild tropical climate.

The Caribbean is home to many different types of people and cultures.  The Carib Indians are most famous followed by freeman or generations of descendants from slaves.  Caribbean islands offer a wide selection of landscape, amenities, cultures, activities, attractions, lodging, beaches, dining and nightlife.  Some great Caribbean cruises can be found at Caribbean Cruises 2016 for most of your favorite cruise lines.  Another site for luxury Caribbean Cruise information can be seen at Silversea Caribbean Cruises 2016 for the latest sailings and prices.  Another fast growing part of the cruise industry is the River Cruises 2015 area where you are now seeing new ships, new itineraries being offered that include Europe, Asia, Africa and others.

Please use this guide as an overview of some of our favorite places in the Caribbean. We do not ask for advertising or paid popup ads to support this site and we are free of spam and annoying ads that drive us crazy.  Enjoy our site and if you ever have a better thought or idea on how we can improve our site please email us.

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